Course Outline

Week One Denition And History Of Photography

Lesson 1 - What Is Photography? History Photography Time Line

Lesson 2 - Development Of The Camera, Types Of Camera And Parts Of The Camera

Lesson 3 – Lens
Week Two Metering

Lesson 4 - Intro To Metering And How To Meter For Film Speed

Lesson 5 - Metering For Aperture And Shutter Speed

Lesson 6 – Metering For Landscape, Skin Tone, Fashion, Sports And Architecture
Week Three Composition

Lesson 7 – What Is Composition? Rules Of Two Third And Other Rules Of Composition.
Cropping And Framing. Applying The Rules To Portraits, Still Life And Landscape

Lesson 8 – Top Composition Rules, The Elements And Principles Of Composition

Lesson 9 – Applying The 12 Principles Of Composition
Week Four Lighting Part 1

Lesson 10 - Intro To Lighting, Importance Of Light, Quality Of Light. Basic Lighting Styles

Lesson 11 - Studio Lighting – Types Of Studio Lighting: Strobe, Continuous And Window.
The Dierent Types Of Continuous Light, Mixed Lighting

Lesson 12 - Setup And Lighting For: Portraiture, Fashion, Still Life/ Fine Art/Product
Week Five Lighting Part 2

Lesson 13 - Intro To Outdoors Lighting, Types Of Lighting – Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, Night
Using Available Light, Reector/Mirror, Flash Gun And Strobe

Lesson 14 - Outdoors Lighting For Portraiture, Fashion, Reportage/Documentary, Journalism

Lesson 15 - Outdoors lighting set up for Reportage, Landscape, Architecture. Event( Concert,
Festival, Wedding) Shooting Night scene(Street scene, Music Concert) Sport
The general rules of shooting outdoors applies to all types of outdoor photography
but there are certain aspects you need to be ready for when shooting. Pointers you
need to know when shooting
Week Six Specialization in Types Of Photography

Lesson 16 - Knowing Your Subject,
Portrait Photography:
Fashion Photography:
Wedding Photography:
Event/Music Concert:

Lesson 17 - Art Direction And The Importance Of The Background

Lesson 18 - Digital Dark Room-Intro To Photoshop.

Week Seven - Final Project

Project 1: Photo-Shoot For A Magazine Cover

Project 2: Photo-Shoot For Fashion Designer/Album Cover

Project 3: Product Shoot For A Known Brand

Final Exams: Section A)Objectives, Section B) Essay

Week Eight – Final Week Project

Project 4: Pre - Wedding Shoot

Project 5: Photography For Poverty Alleviation Campaign

Project 6: Write Up.

Final Exhibitions And Presentation of Portfolio